Building the future in total safety!


At LJP, the safety of our workers, construction sites and surroundings is the primary concern of Senior Management: as such, we invest our time and energy training and raising awareness of anything that could increase the safety at our sites, because working safely is part of our company's values. Our responsibility to ensure the safety of our sites for all employees and the general public is our priority... Nothing is more important!


At LJP, managing projects in a safe and healthy manner on our construction sites is a PRIORITY. We are always on the lookout for new approaches and procedures to improve our practices, because safety is an integral part of our corporate culture. We strive to develop the health and safety management skills of our superintendents and younger site foremen by providing innovative training, so that "day-to-day safety" becomes instinctive. It is essential to learn from past events in order to avoid them in the future.


All year long, LJP organizes training sessions for our employees: we want to train our staff to be mindful of their environment, of what is happening around them and to recognize the types of behaviours and situations that can be dangerous on the work site. The overall purpose of this training is to ensure a healthy and safe workplace environment so as to prevent work-related accidents and occupational injuries.

Training Courses:

  • Safety procedures in confined spaces
  • Wind effects when using mobile cranes and the variable supporting base by Liebherr
  • Inspection of lifting equipment
  • Fall prevention
  • Slinging
  • Prevention management on construction sites
  • Respiratory protection
  • Safe use of self-propelled elevating work platforms