Qualifications & Expertise

  • Tight Deadlines (FastTrack)
  • High Rise Complex projects
  • Projects in downtown areas, experience in limited space
  • Rigorous monitoring and daily management presence on site
  • As a specialist in tower cranes, LJP has its own erectors and
    a trained LIEBHERR technicians
  • Specialist trained for PUTZMEISTER concrete pumps
  • High quality, high performance equipment
  • Exposed architectural concrete
  • Competitive prices
  • Civil Works

Innovative RCS
Self-Climbing Formwork System

LJP is the only formwork company in Canada with a “never-before-seen” PERI inventory, a diversified fleet of LIEBHERR tower cranes and several PUZTMEISTER concrete pumps and placing booms.

Our Equipment

Team of Specialists

Crane Operators

About Us

Crane Specialist

LJP has its own team of experts for the assembly and dismantling of tower cranes

LJP is one of the few formwork companies with in-house expertise in the tower crane field. Our know-how of several years encompasses all aspects, from engineering to the field, and includes numerous projects.

Our teams have the experience, the skills and equipment required to complete all your projects.

Our field technicians were trained by Liebherr and have many years of experience in the field. Our professionalism and our teams’ expertise have been proven repeatedly. We have assembled and dismantled numerous tower cranes.

We have repeatedly used our cranes’ internal climbing systems as well as our top climbing one. Whether it is a crane with a lifting jib or Flat-Top, we have the expertise to carry out all your projects, whatever they are.